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Sail Gloria

Stretched tent system is the optimal solution for shading outdoor terraces near cafes, restaurants, hotels, private houses, public areas: parks, schools, kindergartens.

– shading an area up to 30 m2 with a single awning (fixed version);
– mounting up to 4 sails on one strut is possible;
– tent Mesh fabric cuts off 3-26% of visible light and 2-11% of UV rays;
– fine mesh structure of the fabric creates a diffused light and a pleasant coolness under the awning;
– a windproof texture of the fabric allows to resist the wind loads up to 7 points by the Beaufort scale (strong wind);
– when tilt angle of the fabric is more than 25 degrees, rainwater easily rolls off the awning without creating “water pockets”;
– the tilt angle adjustment allows to change the level of shading and the position of the awning at different times of the day.

• manual control
• automatical control